Conservation District Forms

Application Form (PDF) (Revised 2/11/2013)

New E&S and PCSM Fee Schedule 2018 * Effective April 2nd, 2018

E&S and PCSM Fee Schedule / Revised Administrative Procedures for the NPDES Application (December 16, 2014) (PDF) *For new submissions, this fee schedule is only valid until April 1, 2018.

Pre-application Meeting Form (MS Word)(Revised 2/24/2016)

Lehigh County NPDES Submittal Suggestions (MS Word) (Revised 2/20/2018)

Expedited Review Application (PDF) (Revised 10/9/2013) *A satisfactory formal pre-application meeting is required prior to acceptance into the expedited review process.

Expedited Review Policy (PDF) (Revised 2/11/2016)

Standard E&S Control Notes (Updated 12/12/2012) (MS Word)

PCSM Standard Notes (MS Word)