Each week , the Lehigh Conservation District County Vector Control Program Staff places 25-30 traps at established sites throughout the County. The traps are species specific and are deployed to determine mosquito type and abundance in a given locale.

All traps are placed in a vegetated area out of public view. They run for a 12–16-hour period and are picked up each day.

Dry Ice Traps are designed to collect host seeking nuisance mosquitoes, particularly Asian Tigers, Aedes albopictus. A thermal container holds solid carbon dioxide pellets that slowly sublimate. The insects are attracted to the CO2, just as they are attracted to exhaling humans and animals. The mosquitoes are pulled into the net by a battery-operated fan.
Gravid Traps are designed to collect Culex species. Blood-fed females are attracted to stinky, organic water in the pan to lay their eggs. A battery-operated fan pulls the mosquitoes into a container inside the grey tool box. The insects are processed and sent to be tested for West Nile virus. The water in the pan is a hay infusion and is non-toxic.

Occasionally people find a trap and fear it is something nefarious. If you happen to see one of these traps, rest assured it is only the LCCD Vector Program taking care of business.

And remember, the best way to eliminate mosquitoes, is to eliminate standing water.